Trove begins testing a ‘hubdate’ that reworks the game’s main hub on PC


Ah, the main hub. Landing point for new players, social space for veteran players, and generally the first impression made to all players. If you thought that the hub in Trove needed a bit of a touch-up, well so did the devs, hence the upcoming “hubdate,” which recently arrived to the PC PTS.

This new hub has effectively changed many of the game features that were relegated to menus into their own building sections including a Club House for Club-related things, a Character Corner where players can find the barber shop and class changer, an Event Venue area, and a Crafter’s Corner. The PTS build will be changing its look every few days in order for players to test out seasons and events.

Players who are interested in checking out this new hub (and, more vitally, offering their feedback) can hop in to the PTS to run around. You can also look through the patch notes or get a peek at the hub’s most recent state thanks to a video from the ever-helpful Scyushi; it’s embedded below.


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I’m looking forward to the hubdate where Trove doesn’t feel like it’s running on a machine from 1990 and the servers function like a competent business is running them.

It’s only been three years, it should be right around the corner.