EVE Online raises prices on Steam, plans to expand its Abyssal Deadspace system

EVE Online

CCP Games and Pearl Abyss are making some tweaks to EVE Online’s business model with price increases to some of the game’s bundles on Steam and in-game.

“The price increase impacts in-game products (PLEX, some bundles, etc.) for a handful of regions mostly due to changes in currency conversion over the past few years,” the studio explains. “Since prices haven’t changed in EVE Online since 2014, there is an imbalance in pricing between various currencies, so the change is to maintain a relative consistency across all EVE Online markets.”

Of course, the game is still ostensibly free-to-play with an optional sub, and CCP hastens to note that the price hikes won’t actually impact the game’s free-to-play status. EVE traditionally has pretty solid sales during Steam’s sale season, so if you’re looking at starter packs, you might want to wait for the next one of those.

On the left are the prices from January, while on the right are the prices on Steam as of this morning. They look the same to us – in fact, at least one bundle is cheaper now – so we’re guessing the implementation isn’t updated just yet and will be later today.

Meanwhile, the September update for EVE — The Depths of the Abyss — is coming soon, and when it does, one of the MMO’s more popular activities will get both more newbie friendly and challenging. The idea here is to expand the Abyssal Deadspace system in both directions. CCP is adding a Tier 0 level for newcomers to dip their toes into Deadspace without getting roflstomped on their first go, while also adding Tier 6 challenges with “better rewards.”

“Other elements of the Depths of the Abyss update will include being able to enter all Abyssal Deadspace tiers in a team of two Destroyers, the introduction of velocity increasing clouds and Capital module mutaplasmids,” said the studio.

Abyssal Deadspace are basically pocket dungeons in outer space that only exist for a limited amount of time. Either players beat them in the time allotted or find themselves destroyed when the Deadspace collapses.

Source: Steam, press release, EVE Online

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Shaun Shaungbr

Didn’t think it would take long for PA to start getting greedy. How long before Eve is like Black Desert ?


Given that (for UK) prices were set when 1 GBP was 1.5-1.6 USD and now its 1.2-1.3 (pretty much dropped and stayed there since the EU referendum) it seems fair enough tbh.

Wilhelm Arcturus

The price changes announced so far were for GBP per the related news item and are not expected to be in effect until October 5: