Star Citizen is holding another free fly event starting today


If you’ve been following the Twitter account of Star Citizen, you’ve likely been privy to this whole Ship Showdown thing that the devs at Cloud Imperium have been going on about, which is only really interesting if you’ve got strong opinions about certain ships. What might be more directly interesting, however, is another upcoming free fly event where ships that are squaring off in the arena of player opinion will be available to fly for free. Assuming, of course, you’re the sort who wants to hop into a new cockpit without coughing up the real-life or in-game dough.

This event will run for two weeks starting today until Wednesday, September 23rd, and will offer up the 16 ships that have the most activity and most mentions in the aforementioned Ship Showdown.

“Out of 80+ flyable ships in-game, the Star Citizen community chose their top 16; but the voting continues for the next two weeks to determine the absolute best ship in the game, when the last ship standing is crowned the ultimate Ship Showdown Champion. The “Final Four” ships in this Ship Showdown tournament, and the eventual Champion, will all receive in-game prizes for their players later in the year. More information is available at the Ship Showdown event page.”

On the subject of the showdown, there’s been one particularly fun little submission to the whole affair: a Vanguard affixed to a drone to “make it flyable” quite literally. Clearly, Star Citizen fans love their internet spaceships.

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