Last Oasis introduces the lava-slurping Camelop Walker in its latest update


Harvesting lava has got to be tough, whether in real life or in the survival sandbox of Last Oasis, but as of the latest update that job has gotten a bit easier thanks to the introduction of the Camelop Walker.

This unique new machine is specially designed to pump up large amounts of lava or water into its tanks, though its shape does not include a proper deck, meaning it can’t be spawned on. Furthermore, the Camelop Walker’s legs do take damage on lava but at a slower rate than the rest, so lava farmers will need to balance risk and reward. This also further proves that the wood in the world of Last Oasis is extremely special.

The update has also made a couple of fixes while the announcement post includes another round of player questions, including one about including an “elite endgame” tile that doesn’t burn; for the record, the devs will not be including such a tile but are open to player suggestions on having special tiles that operate similarly, especially if it’s part of an event. You can get the rest of the answers on the game’s Steam page and peek the Camelop in action in the video below.

source: Steam

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