Torchlight III delays its next patch once again to next week

Anyone want to run over/under on another delay?

Gosh, torchums.

Remember when we were young and innocent and were looking forward to the next early access patch forĀ Torchlight III this week? How foolish and naive we were. It turns out that the next patch and its changes to Dusk Mages, training dummies, and other systems will be waiting for a bit longer, as September 8th came and went only for the announcement yesterday to confirm that yes, the patch will be delayed another week.

No reasons are cited and there is no new target date beyond “next week,” although logic would dictate that September 15th seems likely. Players can also join up with the game’s Discord server to join the test realm for the patch, if you just want to see how these new features play and don’t care that your progress won’t be retained. Still, we can only hope that this time, we actually do get the patch next week.

Source: Twitter

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