Apple reverses its decision to block ‘Sign In with Apple’ functionality for Fortnite after Apple user blowback


As the battle between Epic Games and Apple continues to wear on, the effects for the players continues to be felt in small waves. Case in point, the Fortnite Status Twitter account stated that Apple would be cutting off future “Sign In with Apple” functionality for the game on mobile on September 11th, offering up instructions on how users can retain access to their Epic Games account after support for the feature ends.

However, the decision by Apple to cut this functionality off reportedly caused a furor among Apple users who saw the move as unnecessary retaliation that would affect the wider Apple userbase, and so Apple has provided an indefinite extension until the legal smoke clears. Which is good news for iOS Fortnite players, but they should still probably follow the preparation instructions anyway. Just in case.


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The date Apple choose is interesting in itself, eh?

Hikari Kenzaki

Yeah. That was actually a pretty childish move. They WANT people using their sign-in system, not someone else’s. Even for a game/company they’re having issues.