Legends of Aria makes plants extremely mad with the launch of Season 5: Raging Undergrowth


Are you ready to piss off plants? Then you’re prepared for Legends of Aria’s latest season Raging Undergrowth, which tasks players with thinning the growing threat of the Tree Lords in the Black Forest. As one would expect, this involves the use of fire — specifically a torch — on Tree Lord Saplings. And as one would further expect, doing this makes the undergrowth rage as an enemy will spawn in retaliation.

The new season will make Nosca Grove the month’s Chaos Zone, while a variety of PvE and PvP challenges will be on offer with several new rewards like an exclusive Tribal Mask, precise maps for the Misha’s Rest and Medeina’s Rest encounters, and rare potions that promise to “provide a boon to both tamers and pack rats.” So what are you waiting for? The forest can’t remain docile forever. Make it mad!


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Pretty sure they just want Brawndo.

It’s got what plants crave.