LOTRO’s next ‘mini-expansion’ content update includes boar mounts and a $100 edition


We already knew that Lord of the Rings Online is working on a Gundabad expansion for 2021, but before that arrives, there’s a big fall update on the way. However, if you were expecting to get this for free, you may want to brace yourself: This update is being branded as a “mini-expansion” that will cost between $20 and $100, depending on which edition you wish to purchase.

On Friday’s developer livestream, Standing Stone Games announced that the Update 28: War of the Three Peaks beta is starting up next week. When it releases, it will carry a price tag of $20 for the base edition, $60 for the collector’s edition, and $100 for the ultimate edition. No further information was given as to what the more expensive editions contain.

Weirdly enough for a non-expansion content release, players will not be able to buy it right away for LOTRO Points but will have to wait until an unspecified date in the future when that option becomes available.

One interesting feature that’s coming with Update 28? Boar mounts. For a game with a rather limited range of mounts (in summary: lots of horses with a few goats and elk sprinkled in), this is a significant development. The pack comes with quests, two raids, and 80 or so “missions” that can be tackled solo or in a duo.

You can watch the teaser trailer below:

Source: LOTRO
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