Star Wars Galaxies Restoration III is a new rogue server blending the CU with the NGE


One of the best (and arguably also worst) parts of the Star Wars Galaxies emulation community is just how many servers we have to play around with, many of them with new ideas and new ruleset combinations that keep the 2003 MMORPG fresh long after its sunset. While we cover SWG Legends and the original SWGemu around here a lot, I want to bring your attention today back to one that is neither classic vanilla SWG nor late-stage NGE: It’s a little bit of both and then some.

I’m talking here about SWG Restoration, more specifically its third iteration as Restoration III, which is a hybrid of the CU (combat upgrade) version of the game and some bits and bobs from the NGE era. Here’s the pitch from the Restoration team earlier this summer:

“This new server will allow us to better emulate the combat and balance of the Combat Upgrade than the current live server RestorationCU, as well as include some NGE features that we consider an upgrade over what the CU had, such as the NGE creature crafting system, the reverse engineering system, and the option of levelling through questing. It will also include most NGE content, as well as some custom content. Kashyyyk, Mustafar, and Jump to Lightspeed will all be included at launch, as well as the Heroic Instances. Jedi on Restoration III will retain many of the ‘hardcore’ mechanics implemented on Restoration Classic and RestorationCU.”

Open testing for this server is supposed to begin this afternoon or evening, according to messages posted to both Facebook and Discord; interested players are encouraged to keep an eye on the Discord for account and download info. “We are still on track to start open beta today,” the devs posted a few hours ago. (And hey, as to the Discord? Watch your step… this place can be a little rough.)

Source: Restoration, Facebook, Discord. Thanks, Bruno!
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