Craftopia’s fourth consecutive patch keeps hunger from killing you and adds window frames

Just keep building, just keep building.

Last week, a patch arrived each day for four straight days over inĀ Craftopia, but the most recent patch is notable because you can stop dying of hunger! No, really; hunger damage will no longer kill you, leaving you at 1 HP as you desperately wish for a hamburger. So a slight breezeĀ will kill you, but it won’t be the hunger any longer! It’s one of several bug fixes and changes made with the patch, which is about as esoteric as you’d expect from four consecutive days of improvements.

The patch also adds in window frames and door frames, although windows and doors themselves are still in the “coming soon” phase of development. Still, you can craft that ahead of time! Check out the full set of patch notes on the game’s Steam page as the all-in crafting experience continues to improve on what has heretofore been a daily basis. (We hope that the staff takes the weekend off, but who knows at this point?)

Source: Steam

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