Pirates fight ninjas in Trove, Aura Kingdom’s ‘double patch,’ Twin Saga adds a new Senshi

All things go, all things go.
With the number of MMOs under the Gamigo umbrella, it’s perhaps easy for some of their updates to fall through the cracks, so consider this story a sweep-up of some recent happenings in several of the publisher’s smaller titles.

  • Over in Trove, there’s an event where pirates are fighting ninjas over who’s the best at stealing stuff. Whimsically, of course; this game isn’t exactly big on historical accuracy to either ninjas or pirates. What this ultimately means is that players can get free stuff for completing daily Adventures between now and September 22nd. And in further Trove news, Scyushi has a look at some of the new starter quests that are arriving with the “hubdate” that’s in PTS; that video is below.
  • In Aura Kingdom, there’s been a so-called “double patch” which saw content for Patch 66 and 67 arrive at the same time. Players there can look forward to new story content, a new Monster story dungeon, a new Nightmare dungeon, and a 5-person Mirabelle quest, as well as use semi-automatic cast skills.
  • Finally, Twin Saga has released a patch that adds an adorable new Senshi by the name of Berry, a new Mystic Jungle dungeon, Oktoberfest and Qixi Festival events, and a level cap raise for the Awakened class. The game’s website has some additional details.

sources: Trove website, YouTube, Aura Kingdom press release, Twin Saga press release

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