Path of Exile explains changes to Curse skills, Steel skills, and classic spells coming in Heist


Sure, the Heist expansion for Path of Exile is all about stealing baubles from highly guarded places, but there’s going to be much more than that as outlined by developer Grinding Gear Games in a couple of announcement posts. Namely, some noteworthy adjustments to several skills and spells in the multiplayer ARPG.

In the first post we get a look at Curse skill changes, which are being broken up into two types: Hexes and Marks. In summary, Hexes apply a debuff to an area, while Marks apply a debuff to a single target. The post has further specifics for those who like to whither their foes down, like a look at gems and other balancing measures being taken for Curses.

The second post outlines changes to classic spells and Steel skills, itemizing a variety of well-known abilities and describing their changes — look for adjustments to skills like Blazing Salvo, Firestorm, Splitting Steel, and Lancing Steel as an example. Incidentally, some video previews for changes to Curses, Steel skills, and classic spells are embedded below.

Those are looks ahead, but as for Path of Exile’s more recent future, there’s been a technical patch that changes how the game stores its data. This will require a full re-download of the game itself, but the patch will ultimately improve things like patching speed, the game’s engine, texture load, and preloading improvements among other things.

GGG has dropped a bit of music teaser too:

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