Survival RPG Frozen Flame outlines updates and an event coming to closed beta


As of tomorrow – Tuesday, September 15th – the “action survival MMORPG” Frozen Flame will have made its way to closed beta testing, and when it does, it will do so with some new updates and an in-game event.

The beta build of Frozen Flame will include the addition of a single-player mode, new Obelisk locations that house treasure but will also summon monsters to defend said treasure when approached, a new Character Reset potion (aka respec juice), a friend adding system that will only work if the person receiving a friend request accepts the invitation, and changes to the curse system, composite crafting, and quest logs. Frozen Flame will also include Easy AntiCheat protection, which is perhaps notable for those who refuse to play games with included cheat preventatives.

The beta build will also see the addition of the Keepers’ Secrets event, a dungeon delve where “only the most skilled players will manage to reach the last stage of the catacombs and challenge the boss.” More specifics about this event aren’t being shared, but considering the event’s catacombs harbor powerful foes, there’s likely some good shiny hiding in there somewhere as well. Players can expect further events that will focus on things like the new player experience or the lore of the game’s world.

Just in case you’ve lost track of Frozen Flame, it was first unveiled in June, promising features like a flexible leveling system and crafting system, the ability to build settlements, and factional PvP among other things. It raked in a respectable figure during crowdfunding and has since come through a backers-only alpha in July.

source: Steam (1, 2)
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