Torchlight III is working on a UI scaling slider, according to its latest state of the game address


With repeated patch delays and a lot of last-minute adjustments, you’d be forgiven for harboring suspicions that Torchlight III isn’t quite ready to play with the big kids. And so another state of the game report shows a title that’s still in flux, this time in regards to its user interface.

The developer report talks about how the team kept debating whether to make the UI larger or smaller, finally opting on a slider to let players make the choice for themselves.

However, the team said that this option is still a work-in-progress: “So… this feature is currently broken. We are still not done with the second 90% it takes to get it ready for launch. We almost have a fix ready. However, we will wait until we have a few more similar fixes before hitting the whole studio with the big speed bump it would require.”

Source: Steam

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