Bungie appears to deny rumors of acquisition talks with Microsoft


What would the gaming world look like if Bungie went back underneath the Microsoft umbrella? It looks like we’ll never find out as the developer has come forward to flatly deny growing rumors that Bungie was in talks with Microsoft about acquisition. The rumor was first brought up in the GamesBeat podcast and was subsequently followed up by a corroborative report from Eurogamer that cited personal sources of the talks taking place.

Bungie’s CEO Pete Parsons took to Twitter in a reply to the GamesBeat podcast to state, “This is false,” while Bungie’s director of global public relations Vanessa Vanasin further elaborated in her own tweet. “All of the info and speculation out there is not true,” she writes. “We are lucky to have a great relationship with our many friends over [at Microsoft] who play Destiny, and Halo will always have a special place in our hearts.”

What isn’t made explicitly clear in these vague denials is what part of the rumor is untrue, whether it’s that talks took place, that they fell through due to a high asking price from Bungie, or whether Microsoft was attempting to acquire the studio or Destiny or both.

As for the aforementioned relationship, this is what sees Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep and Forsaken expansions arrive to the Xbox Game Pass on September 22nd, which will also be among the titles coming to the newly launched cloud gaming feature for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers that will let users in 22 countries play over 100 games on Android mobile phones and tablets starting today.

sources: Twitter (1, 2), YouTube, Eurogamer via MMO Fallout and IGN, Xbox.com

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I like how you call “This is false” a “vague denial”. Really? That’s vague to you? What would be explicit in your book? That looks pretty clear to me.


I don’t think Bungie is hurting for cash, NetEase already invested in them not too long ago. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind throwing more money Bungie’s way if they needed it

Shaun Shaungbr

Microsoft games division as it is now under Phil Spencer is quite different from the past, I think it would be a good move for Bungie to re-join Microsoft.