PAX Online 2020: Destiny’s Sword lets players roll characters in free-to-play demo


When last we checked in on Destiny’s Sword, it was back in June, when 2Dogs Games admitted that COVID-19 had slowed the game’s progress and forced the developers into contract work while seeking an investor or publisher. “We’re still here and working, but our outreach team has slowed down significantly,” 2Dogs said at the time, noting it planned to begin beta by September. Well, it’s September, and now everyone can get a peek at the game with the public demo that the studio has made available for this year’s digital PAX Online.

“2Dogs Games is pleased to announce that its genre-bending social and strategic RPG Destiny’s Sword will be taking part in this year’s virtual PAX Online from September 12th to September 20th. The team has been hard at work over the last several months and is thrilled to announce a brand new public demo is coming that features all-new gameplay, updated features and content. […] As a part of PAX Online, 2Dogs Games is inviting players to make their own character that will become a part of their prequel novel! Your character will be based on your input and used to test the game as we move towards launch. Wishlisters will receive ongoing monthly field reports covering their character’s progress & events, showing the depth of changes that will build the living narrative of Destiny’s Sword!”

The demo is freely accessible on Steam. MMORPG players will recall that Destiny’s Sword had a demo at last year’s PAX East and West last year too; both MOP’s Eliot and MOP’s Carlo have given it a look, finding the psychological team-based gameplay compelling.

Source: Press release, Steam

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I really wish games would stop putting themselves on Steam…I refuse to make an account there.

The dealing with people’s personalities/conflicts/friends thing sounded interesting. But it looks like they are just going to have it revolve around keeping them happy between fighting stuff…so maybe not…where’s the stuff for people who just want to : for example ; grow a hydroponics bay and maintain a ship flying through space while watching the interactions between the people and perhaps maybe having to deal with things that flare up, like something breaking down and maybe someone doesn’t walk away from that, and how that effects people.

I don’t mind some ‘combat’ here or there, but having squad nonsense where you poke a mech isn’t conducive to my entertainment…

Whatever. Guess I won’t be able to find out.