Skyforge will be removing Might from equipment and the Stronghold in its next update


Things are about to change quite a bit for players of Skyforge with the arrival of the game’s next Invasion. Namely, the forthcoming update will be removing Might from equipment and the Stronghold altogether, shifting the Might invested into the Stronghold between the Cathedral and the Tower of Knowledge and making accessories only grant Superiority. In addition, the Cathedral and Tower will have new ranks every season that grant more Might to players when they complete feats.

The announcement post explains that these adjustments are meant to remove redundancy and add more variety, with further explanations on why these changes are being made and the overall effects that they should have on players. “These changes are meant to make character development more straightforward and reasonable for new and returning players, and to add some variety for those who have been with us for a long time,” the post summarizes.

There are other planned adjustments coming to Skyforge such as methods for new players to catch up faster and extra bonuses for structures, but those will be detailed in future posts.


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