Black Desert fights Hadum’s influence on mobile, adds Awakening and Succession for Hashashin on PC, and brings PvP changes on console


An alternate headline for this story could just as easily been “Everything Black Desert got content,” but I think Bree would dislike me if I tried to pull that off. The point stands, though: Every platform the MMORPG is on has seen some form of new content, so let’s dig in.

On mobile, players are experiencing the darkness of Hadum, including a sun that doesn’t rise and mysterious totems springing up around the realm. Players can purchase Boss Gear Fragments with Silver in order to prepare for their entry into Hadum’s Realm itself, while the update also introduces Totems that can be equipped for boosts to AP and DP. There’s also a new field boss, Tier 8 horses, a Tier 8 Town Hall that can be built on player camps, and the addition of Merchantry to Mediah.

As for what’s next for mobile, there’s been a Developer’s Insights video that discusses future updates like an 11th skill for all classes, a free-for-all PvP zone covered by a black sun, and the addition of the Tamer class among other things.

Moving on to the PC version, we’ve got the arrival of both Awakening and Succession skills for the Hashashin class as well as yet another leveling event for the Hashashin, an event for season server players that involves collecting coins and turning them in for rewards, and a number of other updates, all of which are oulned in the patch notes.

Finally, console players are getting a few PvP-centered changes with a new Marni server that will be the exclusive host to the Red Battlefield, allowing players to enter the instance from the Start menu and take on the battlefield in addition to node and conquest wars without restrictions. There’s also a new 1v1 arena added to the game, some performance updates, adjustments to the Pit of the Undying, a buff to monsters in the Altar of Blood, and the addition of an Imperial Auction House that’s full of unique goods among other things.

sources: Black Desert Mobile site, YouTube, Black Desert PC site (1, 2, 3, 4), Black Desert console site
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