City of Heroes Homecoming emphasizes player-created content, bars ‘controversial political content’


City of Heroes’ most popular rogue server, Homecoming, is a fount of player activity these days, and the dev team wants to make sure that the community gets the credit. Two new mission architect efforts recently were stamped with the “Dev Choice” seal of approval, a magic costume contest is coming up this Saturday, and a low-stakes PvP “kickball” event is in the making.

That’s all part of the team’s latest update to players. In the missive, there’s also mention of a freeform base building contest going on from now through the end of October: “This contest has no theme, alignment or shard requirement. All bases are welcome, and there’s tons of prizes to be won (14,000 merits in total!). The submission deadline is October 31st, and bases must be entered by the supergroup leader.”

Finally, the team modified its code of conduct to stress that “controversial political content” would not be tolerated, especially in this election season.

A month ago, the Homecoming devs reconfirmed they’re still working with NCsoft on some sort of plan for legitimacy, though the talks had been slowed by COVID-19. “There’s still a ton of work going on behind the scenes to get us to the finish line, and we’d like to thank you all for your continued patience,” they wrote.

For more info on this and other City of Heroes rogue servers you can play, check out our current roundup.

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