Crowfall just picked up former SWG comms director Diane ‘Tiggs’ Migliaccio as its new community manager


There’s a fresh face over at Crowfall, though it’s one long-time MMORPG veterans will remember: Crowfall has picked up a new community manager, Diane Migliaccio. ArtCraft mentions only a few games, Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies, as part of Migliaccio’s multi-decade record in the industry, but fans will probably remember the name Tiggs from her work on Hellgate London, and of course, Fallen Earth and APB Reloaded at Reloaded Games for the better part of the last decade.

But she’s probably best known for her tenure at SOE. Tiggs was particularly beloved in the Star Wars Galaxies community before and after her abrupt firing from SOE right around the time she openly blasted the NGE and became something of a martyr for doing so. (Our own Game Archaeologist covered the incident right here.)

Hopefully she’s bringing that same no-bullshit energy to Crowfall.

“I’m excited to be joining the team at ArtCraft Entertainment. I have worked with several of the studio team members, including co-founder and Executive Producer, Gordon Walton, and I was an early Kickstarter backer for Crowfall,” she says. “I knew the minute I saw the Kickstarter vision that this game would offer an experience unequaled in the market and one I definitely would want to play! I look forward to getting to know the community of Crows and supporting the continued progress of the game on the road to launch.”

Source: Press release
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