Lord of the Rings Online says it’s ‘close’ on re-opening server transfers that have been offline since 2019

Lord of the Rings Online says it’s ‘close’ on re-opening server transfers that have been offline since 2019

For players who have characters stranded on dead or undesirable worlds in Lord of the Rings Online, the question of when Standing Stone Games will be able to re-enable server transfers is of no small importance.

There’s some hope that this will happen soon, although no date has been given yet. On September 12th, the studio announced that “we are close on reopening world transfers, but we’re not there yet.” By our count, it’s been almost a year of inaccessibility for those services now.

At least there’s some good news for those who have toons languishing on the now-closed PvP tournament shard. “The deadline to transfer characters from Bombadil has been extended through the end of the year,” SSG said this week.

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It’s about time. I have a lifetime sub, and the only way that I can use it is if I start over currently. But I have to agree… saying ‘soon’ is only a way to mollify those that have been asking forever because they’re in a similar situation to myself.


I don’t see the point of announcing this before they’re actually ready to do it. “Soon” or “close” doesn’t give a time frame or specific expectation, so it isn’t likely to make anyone happy, and it’ll only make people more upset if it doesn’t happen (or takes a lot longer.) This just… isn’t how you build confidence, and they need to build confidence right now.

Bruno Brito

They’re probably trying to rebuild their PR bridges without making promises that they can’t follow through.

It’s a circus.


What could go wrong?


Translation: our character database is held together with duct tape and blind faith, and we’re terrified to go near it.


Cordovan has been making these same vague placative mutterings throughout the period transfers have been unavailable. Nothing about this most recent comment is significantly different to indications given months ago, and it’s just one more example of SSG being utterly awful at communication.

All of the indications with LOTRO in recent times are that the game’s infrastructure is falling down around SSG and they either (a) don’t have the resources to do anything about it, or (b) aren’t competent enough to implement a real solution.

I don’t have much of an investment in the game but even as a very occasional player, I hate seeing it in the state it’s in right now.


I’d also offer up c) Daybreak has SSG’s hands tied in some (if not all) infrastructure decisions.

My take is its a mix of a and c.

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My single major concern about the future of LOTRO is their ability to sort out their tech issues.

I’m not going to be one of the people who jump on the forums and yell about how “this should be easy” or “the devs are lazy”. I know it isn’t easy and I know they are all doing what they can to get things fixed.

They have been working hard for a year on it. And that scares me more than anything else.