Old School RuneScape introduces more Poll 72 changes and tries to open the discussion on Revenant Caves

Skeleton bows.

It’s another week of updates for Old School RuneScape and another gaggle of included adjustments based on Poll 72’s results. That all might sound like a complaint, but it’s hard to really balk at weekly updates of things that players voted to have added.

This week we’re seeing some improvements to Agility Courses, a new Agility shortcut in Gu-Tanoth, the ability to fill an empty Coal Bag directly from the bank, and Seaweed Spores that can be pickpocketed from Master Farmers.

The other half of the announcement post discusses what the devs at Jagex are planning on doing to Revenant Caves, which readers will recall weren’t really touched beyond changes to the Bracelet of Etherium and loot drop tables back in August. The post explains that the devs are still attempting to gather data in order to pinpoint problems, and then it touches on a number of player suggestions on how to improve the content and why they wouldn’t work in the interest of “[generating] more discussion to help ideate (their word, not ours) more solutions and workaround the problems with [players] involved.”

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