TitanReach starts its Kickstarter with a target goal of $430,000

Here we go with this nonsense again.

You may recall a while back when we highlighted¬†Titan Reach as a game that you might not have heard of before. The game’s Kickstarter is live now, with a target goal of just over $430,000 for this particular project. (It’s converted from AUD, where the target is $588,000.) So what does the actual project entail? Well… it describes itself as a modern take on an old-school MMORPG, and to the game’s credit, you can try the title out by downloading the Kickstarter demo via the team’s Discord server.

Of course, the demo’s combat system is apparently nothing like what is ultimately planned for the game, where combat will consist of two mouse button abilities, two active abilities, and one utility ability. The designers are also planning a suite of different skills for players to invest in, no microtransactions, no auction house (all sales are meant to be through player trading), world bosses and instanced PvE combat, and designated PvP areas. You can check out the full rundown on the pitch page; if it sounds like something you’d like to back, now is the time. The game is currently in pre-alpha, with full release currently stated for pledges as December 2022.

TitanReach Kickstarter launched, with open pre-alpha demo during campaign from MMORPG

Source: Kickstarter; thanks to James and Leiloni for the tip!
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