Torchlight III finally releases its ‘update for dummies’


After a couple of delays, Torchlight III’s latest patch is finally here. It’s an “update for dummies,” as Echtra is calling it. Please don’t take that personally; the studio is referring to the addition of training dummies to the game to help players parse their DPS in the safety and comfort of their own forts.

There are actually bigger patch features than a punching bag, of course. The studio added 10 more skill points, made adjustments to the game’s difficulty level, divorced the legendarium from the enchanting system, and retuned the Dusk Mage class.

“Dusk Mage is receiving a big update to its mechanics in order to provide a more balanced and viable class for those who want more flavor and opportunities from its skills,” Echtra said.

Read all of the patch notes — and make sure you re-invest your skill points, as the studio reset them all for this release.

Source: Steam

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Dug From The Earth

Lol… TL3 was already “Diablo for dummies”… with as dumbed down and watered down as its mechanics, systems and gameplay are….

Its cringy for them to use this joke even though its only in reference to training dummies.


Isn’t that TL in general? The series was always a casual take on the ARPG genre.

The final product could be underwhelming but we could at least give them the benefit of the doubt until we play the final version. It seems like this game has had a target on its back from the day it was announced.


Well I was really looking forward to it as I enjoyed the first two. However, I refunded after two hours of this mobile game released to PC, and don’t really plan on giving it another chance until it’s on deep discount. 60% or more off discount. Granted I expect it to hit those numbers sooner rather than later.