Whatever happened to the Final Fantasy XI mobile remake?

Short version: Good question!


Do you remember ages ago, when Final Fantasy XI first announced that it was scaling back to a maintenance mode and a new mobile remake of the title was announced by Square-Enix in partnership with Nexon? Probably not, because that was back in 2015, and that screenshot we have as the header is basically the only official screenshot we have. Since then, the news on it has been… nothing. Not long stretches of silence; five years of complete silence and no further information.

All right, complete silence is hyperbole, but only just.

About the two biggest bits of information we have were some artist work that was uploaded and then removed in May of this year and an entry for the version (labeled as Final Fantasy XI R²) in the August investor report from Nexon. So we know it’s not cancelled, especially since Square-Enix doesn’t tend to be coy about announcing project cancellations when they happen and Nexon has been cancelling lots of stuff lately. Even the Reddit roundup of information has basically nothing (save a few additional “no comment” responses and some apparent job listings). Considering that the original FFXI is receiving brand-new story content, it doesn’t appear this mobile version is going anywhere fast.

Source: The complete lack of an official site
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