APB Reloaded makes clothing more accessible and balances weapons in its latest patch


Looking good and firing guns. That’s what APB Reloaded is all about. OK, maybe not all it’s about, but those two arguably important aspects of the game are getting adjusted in today’s patch.

On the subject of clothing changes, over 100 clothing items are moving from ARMAS to the Joker Store and clothing bundle prices will be automatically discounted depending on the number of items in said bundle players already own. As for weapon balance, a whole bunch of different guns are being tweaked with this patch, whether they’re pistols, rifles, or machine guns; there are a lot of adjustments here, so regular players will want to read up.

The patch notes also outline some mission balance changes as well, so while there are three different links to click for the full story, it is a pretty full story all the same.

sources: official forums, official site (1, 2)
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