Final Fantasy XIV’s final anniversary story closes the book on the origin of the Crystal Exarch

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Every year, Final Fantasy XIV has a quartet of anniversary stories to shed more light on the characters of the game’s story. But this year, the last story isn’t filling in gaps in the usual way. Instead, this last story of the year is closing the book on a side story that has been running since the launch of Shadowbringers with the point of origin for the Crystal Exarch. Which means that yes, the entire thing is a giant spoiler.

Of course, the main scenario gives you a clear explanation of where the Exarch originally comes from, and the quests around the Twinning dungeon explores that in slightly more detail. But this story writes the conclusion to what happened after the Crystal Tower… well, you either know what happened then or it’s a huge spoiler. Check out the full story to learn the last chapter of a book we’ll never see any more of, so to speak.


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