Last Oasis drops three new bomb types on players in its weekly update


Blowing things up usually doesn’t get too old, but there’s always room for new and unique ways for stuff to go boom. Enter Last Oasis’ latest update, which brings on three new types of bombs for players to huck at things. Or for players to worry about, depending on which side of the bomb they’re on.

There’s a Cluster Bomb, which pretty much acts how one would expect (it blows up and unleashes a bunch of smaller bombs); there’s the Healing Bomb that issues a healing gas that affects everyone within it; and there’s the Insect Bomb which, releases stinging insects that follow players who get too close and can snap grappling hook tethers. The update has also added durability damage to the Sulphur Bomb and removed damage entirely from the Chalk Bomb to basically turn it into a smokescreen.

As ever, this week’s update post has also offered up several community questions detailing incremental releases after the game’s next wipe, possible unique stats to gear, and rough plans to allow for more Walker customization (but not custom-built Walkers for fear of upsetting The Meta™). Those might not be as interesting as bombs, though.

Taking a look at Last Oasis’ temperature, the game’s player concurrency numbers continue to slide downwards with a 42% drop since August and just over 400 players at the last 24-hour peak. But hey, look, bombs.


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They need to address the zerg/alliance issue before anyone actually comes back to the game. No more 100man zergs on 2-caps with apples in their inventory to skirt the 1000% water consumption rates. It’s time for hard caps. Introduce an ally mechanic for guilds that feel they need an ally to compete, but keep them off small cap tiles so solo and small groups can enjoy the game without having to be in a zerg guild to play the game.