Valorant’s game director discusses rough plans for new Agents, maps, and modes that promote ‘social downtime’


Riot Games’ team-based tactical shooter Valorant has been, by all accounts, enjoying some quiet yet steady success. Even so, that only means that the game should continue to grow and adapt, and a general idea of those plans were talked about by game director Joe Ziegler in an interview with US Gamer.

Plans for future updates to Valorant are generally unremarkable in terms of keeping a live-service shooter alive, with the devs already working on a new map, future plans for new Agents (though the speed at which these arrive is highly dependent on player feedback and maintaining the competitive scene), introducing improvements to ranked play, reducing the number of repeat maps, and improving lag.

The addition of new modes is where things perhaps get a bit different; Valorant players focus in on the game’s core competitive mode, while modes like Deathmatch and Spike Rush are peripheral, offering ways for players to do something a little unique. In order to foster that, Ziegler stated that additional modes are being designed where groups can warm up together, hang out, or have some “social downtime.”

source: US Gamer

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