Xbox Series X and S preorders go live on September 22nd, with hopefully no chaos


So apparently somebody at Xbox was watching the PlayStation 5 preorder debacle last night and said, “Hey so yeah let’s not emulate that clownshow.” We say this because it’s set a nice clean preorder date and time for the preorder launch, a nice clean preorder date and time that isn’t “tomorrow – just kidding, right now – just kidding, it’s already sold out and those signups a few weeks ago meant nothing.”

According to Kotaku, Microsoft has announced that preorders for the S and X will go up at 11 a.m. EDT on September 22nd through all the usual suspects, from Amazon and Target to Walmart and Gamestop. Of course, now it’s on those outlets not to jump the gun as so many retailers did for PS5. The shade from Microsoft on Twitter here is strong, as is the shade from the PS5 fanboys in Microsoft’s menchies. Are you not entertained.

So hey, if you missed out on the PS5 launch or have any pennies left, there’s another next-gen console you can grab. Whether it will have any games you actually want to play anytime soon is your call.

Source: Kotaku, Twitter

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