Disintegration is shutting its multiplayer servers down after less than five months

See! It's a robot in a jacket.

In what will no doubt be a non-surprise to pretty much anyone who has paid attention to the industry over the past decade, it turns out that multiplayer shooters need more than just “you do the shooty and there are other people” to build a community. You cannot replicate the success of Halo by showing up. Today’s victim of this is Disintegration, which is absolutely better than Halo because it involves robots wearing bomber jackets and thus should really have been great. Robots in people clothes is good times.

Unfortunately, it turns out that players cared more about things like gameplay and existing community, and it turns out the game, which launched in June, hasn’t attracted enough of a playerbase to make its multiplayer mode successful. So the multiplayer servers are being shut down, with a full deactivation planned for November 17th. The single-player mode will be unaffected, but you will no longer be able to do multiplayer first-person shooting in the world of Robots Wearing Coats. (There are probably other mechanics.)

Source: Official Site via Kotaku

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Richard de Leon III

honestly, im shocked it was that quick. And thats one reason why I refuse to buy any game that doesnt have a significant offline single player experience.