Inside Star Citizen shows off an improved personal inventory, planet painting, and homestead concepts


This week, Star Citizen is all about mucking with its inventory as the latest video digest opened with a look at an improved personal inventory system. This system, powered by the bespoke Building Blocks UI, will more easily let players move items from their various inventory locations, split stacks apart, and access other contextual functions of items. The system will also be introduced to the ROC mining vehicle, letting players move items from their pockets to the vehicle’s cargo bin. In other words, players will soon be able to store ore rocks in a ROC.

If that wasn’t enough excitement for you, then you’ll get blown away by the second half of the video, which goes into a sprint report all about a variety of planet painting improvements, development progress on refinery decks, and some new 3-D concepts of homesteads. It’s all waiting in the embed below.

source: YouTube

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