Path of Exile’s Heist expansion officially launches this afternoon

Path of Exile’s Heist expansion officially launches this afternoon
It’s expansion day for Path of Exile as Grinding Gear Games goes all Oceans 11 with the release of Heist for PC and Mac players. As we’ve covered at length, this update introduce the Heist challenge league, new equippable NPC, the Rogue Harbour hub, new items, trinket lots, new skills, skill reworks, and of course, the heist content itself.

“In Heist, players will hire a crew of specialized thieves to assist them with infiltrating secure facilities to retrieve valuable Artifacts. While bypassing security, they must be careful not to trigger the alarm or they’ll be overrun with guards. Retrieving the artifact will automatically trigger the alarm and players will have to make a mad dash to the extraction point. If they can’t escape, they’ll lose everything they stole.”

The servers are currently down for another couple of hours, but they should be back up at 4 p.m. EDT for the formal launch. Players can already download the GGPK file (unless you play on Steam or Mac) to prep that for the patch. Console players, we’ll see you back here for your launch on September 23rd. Check out the trailers and other goodies while you wait for server-up!

Source: Official site, press release
Noteworthy for all you early downloaders!

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Bryan Correll

And in a little over a week we’ll be able to hear the crying when something that is unintentionally overpowered gets nerfed and people take to reddit and the forums to bemoan that GGG has ruined the build that they spent X exalted orbs building and they’re done with the league because of it.