The World of Warships Transformers promotional event is live

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Do you like World of Warships? Do you like Transformers? If the answer to both of those questions is “yes,” you are the reason why today hurts me so dang much. There is a crossover event running in the game with a franchise I very much enjoy that keeps not happening as a proper MMO, but now you can boat around with Optimus Prime as you blow up other boats. Optimus Prime, you will note, has never actually transformed into a boat, so that’s awesome.

Neither have Bumblebee or Rumble, for that matter. (There was a boat mode for a Megatron at one point.) Shed a tear for Tidal Wave, Splashdown, Submarauder, Seaspray, Thunderblast, Depthcharge, Undertow, Broadside, and all the other Autobots and Decepticons who usually turn into boats but don’t get to be a part of this promotion.

Aside from getting Bumblebee, Prime, Megatron, or Rumble as a potential commander worth 10 points or using the new skins for these characters, you can also get Decepticon Disguise and Autobot Ark skins and unlock Cybertronian boxes. We do not have a proper Transformers MMO. Every online game that is supposed to happen for this franchise is awful, gets cancelled, or usually both. But this is a thing. To quote the original cartoon, transform and roll out… into the water, at which point you will be underwater. Why is anything anything.


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Aluminum Man

It’s one of the stranger cross-promotions to be sure but after the 40K thing earlier this year and the Anime thing before that it’s clear anything goes with this game.


warships and Transformers just makes me think of that Battleship movie that was heavily aping the Transformer movies

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Schlag Sweetleaf


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Demon of Razgriz
Demon of Razgriz

I mean, if I’m a MMO developer, and I see how players felt when Marvel Heroes shut down, I’d simply tailor a Transformers MMO along those lines. Make the missions interesting and give players the option of either coming together or taking control of any of the Combiners or bases (Superion, Devastator, Metroplex, Omega Supreme, etc.) and I think you’d have a property that can make some noise on the landscape.

Bryan Turner

I kind of got interested, then I realized I’d rather play a Transformers MMO.


This is why I could never get into World of Tanks/World of Warships. Too arcadey and no Immersion.