Torchlight III promises a date for final data wipe and launch ‘soon’

How we make the mess.

So the last patch for Torchlight III took a little while to arrive, but you can rest easy knowing that launch approaches! A date for that fabled actual launch will be here soon. How soon? Why, in a jiff! Are you now annoyed because a jiff is not actually a timeframe but an ambiguous statement? Then you’re following along, as the latest state of the game letter promises a date for the final wipe and full launch at a similarly vague point in the future.

The other major element of note is that discussions are underway for supporting the game post-launch with content and patches, although the volume of support will depend in part upon the playerbase and player demands for same. Still, it’s good to know that we’re going to start moving out of early access and into the somewhat more reliable waters of launch. Pity we don’t know exactly when that will be, but you’ll find out in the near future. (For a given definition of “near.”)

Source: Steam

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Buddy Barlow

Just stick to Torchlight 2 which is in everyway a better ARPG…

TL3 is absolute heaps of garbage and i know it’s proably due to completely gutting the horizontal power gain and other MMORPG systems to just a ARPG rework

But if you check steam even in early access this game has a population of 200 people, on a positive note the dev team does listen, i tested the alpha for upwards of 2 years and they do listen.

Kickstarter Donor

Sad to see this happen. Personally I thought there Frontiers game would flop, but at least it would have been an interesting project. This is just a copy-paste effort. Thumbs down.


This game had an identity crisis and the result is a hollowed game for the Torchlight series. A series of unfortunate events, much better RPG projects out there.