Conan Exiles’ producer explains healing and food tweaks, outlines update plans for the Isle of Siptah


I haven’t read many of the Conan the Barbarian books, but I’m reasonably sure that whenever he was brought low in a fight, he didn’t suddenly pull a drumstick from thin air, cram it into his face, and rise mightily back up to fight his foe. That’s sort of the problem that Conan Exiles was facing, and according to producer Scott Junior, was something that needed to be fixed.

“Food items weigh very little and are abundant throughout the world, which allow you to carry multiple stacks when doing any activity. Additionally, these items can be activated at any moment,” explains Junior in his producer’s letter. “This ended up trivializing health as a resource and invalidated several of the other healing options in the game.”

In order to address this problem, healing items in certain categories now have different roles: Potions will be your tactical, mid-combat quick heal; Wraps will be a strong and fast out-of-combat heal, locking players into a 10 second animation; and Food items will provide a background healing effect for use between encounters. These adjustments have been applied as of this past Friday along with some other noted adjustments.

In addition to these changes, Junior’s letter also touched on future plans for the Isle of Siptah such as an update to the economy and crafting systems, balancing some of the expansion’s systems, and a character re-customization feature which includes new character creation options exclusive to Isle of Siptah owners. The devs are also working on feedback on some of Siptah’s mechanics like tweaking wild surges to make them more solo player friendly. Finally, the letter promises additional land masses throughout the early access period.

If you’re curious about our first impressions of Exiles’ latest expansion, make sure to check out the latest article in The Survivalist.

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The big issue with the food thing is it’s a bit of a double whammy on Siptah.

In the normal island it’s very easy to lure out a Relic Hunter fighter out of the Nameless City camps and capture an extremely effective fighter thrall. This basically trivializes most encounters after it’s done because it’s extreme damage multiplier and health. Tack on some 60 armor and it basically can’t die outside of some double boss kinda stuff.

By comparison you have no thralls on Siptah till much later. This puts a lot of work on you to do combat and that runs face first into the new healing mechanics. This takes what would have been a relatively minor issue on the main map and turned into a huge focus on the new map.

Also unsurprising they’re going to add more to the map as time goes on. They did this with the original map as well.

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I’ve always wanted to get into Conan but didn’t get around to it — mainly due to not having friends/guildmates interested.

This week a guildmate and his friends got a server up and running with the new Island DLC and I’m having a blast.

There is some teeth gnashing about the food/healing issue but honestly I think it’s a good move. Even the ones that complained about it agreed it made things much easier, probably too easy.


I know that cooking never felt like it amounted to anything until they changed it so Thralls and pets had to eat. I know that when I was just doing stuff and trying to get hides to tan, I’d end up with literally hundreds of pounds of “feral meat” and stuff that I’d end up just dropping because there was no point to keeping it. Whether “thralls need food” was a good idea was debatable, and ultimately doesn’t matter because they removed the mechanic again later.

Now thralls can eat, but you probably only really want to give them one or two specific foods. I don’t know if Thralls still heal from eating, that might make a big difference. But for me the main effect was that a few specific foods gave them a chance to get certain stats increased when they leveled up. The foods that increased the stats tied to health and melee damage mattered a lot. The ones tied to (for example) ranged attacks… not so much, even for archers.

Anyway, as you said the issue was that even crummy food was a decent “healing potion,” amplified by the fact that foods were also tied to the temperature management. I’m pretty sure I mostly used honeyed jerky and honeyed meat – not because either was necessarily a good healing item, but mostly because they didn’t cause heating/cooling and I wouldn’t have to worry about dropping dead from “wrong temperature” poisoning. OnO And either way, there was almost no point in carrying healing wraps at all when in a pinch a campfire and a wandering rabbit could provide the same benefit as the “way, way harder to make” bandages.


That’s because like many games, Conan was overdesigned with crafting bloat.

Easy food was the way around the nonsensical amount of materials. Their fix, of course, is to make things either “way, way harder to make” or at least much more annoying.

Too many game designers don’t understand that games should be played and not spent gathering relatively esoteric materials so you can prepare to play. Gathering mats might have been fun in the world’s first MMO, World Of Warcraft. But we’ve moved on from that.

Any info on how this effects early level play? Just staying alive with food could be hard, mainly because you don’t know what you’re doing and the game doesn’t explain anything. Then there’s the failures of the crafting interface, which, particulary for food, is either a wreck or non-existent.


The initial patch was grim. The latest patch is fine – you can’t spam-heal food during an encounter anymore, but that was the intent of the changes.

You can make healing wraps without a feat now – that’s a nice out-of-combat heal, and food does do some healing again, but it’s interrupted by damage. You’ll want to seek out Aloe pretty darn quick though.

The irony here is that Exiles has a metric ton of food recipes, and it used to matter. Now? I’m not sure it much does – you need *something* to fend off hunger, but since you’re going to be carrying around bandages and potions, I doubt you’ll much care what the stats on the food is.

The other thing that seems to be true is Sitpah was set up with pets as part of the equation from the get-go. Build an animal pen (or a stable) PDQ and bring a friend along. You can set them to passive and just be luggage-bearers, or if it’s an animal they’re quite helpful.

If you’re used to not using them because they were a late addition to the game, I’d reconsider – they’re a great QoL help on Sitpah, especially early on.


Have they done anything to fix the part where a ton of cooking recipes (and other crafting recipes for that matter) are totally invisible and just “happen” if you accidentally throw the right things in the correct crafting bench?

That always really annoyed me about cooking especially and some of the other crafting. The recipe existed, the game knew it, but all you got was the useless “add item + add fuel + wait time = PROFIT!” picture, which should have been a temporary placeholder they ditched ASAP. (To be fair, ARK does the same thing with kibble recipes. And it sucks there too.)