Krafton spins Bluehole off as an ‘independent subsidiary’ to handle TERA and Elyon


The corporate reshuffling that’s been going on ever since En Masse Entertainment announced that it was closing is producing interesting developments this fall. Krafton, which owns PUBG and TERA, announced on Friday that it was spinning Bluehole Studio off into an “independent subsidiary” to grant the studio some degree of autonomy. Krafton said that it wanted to do more with its independent studio system in the future.

According to a Krafton press release, Bluehole now will be in charge of two MMOs (again?): “As an independent subsidiary, Bluehole will now refocus its development efforts on upholding its founding principles of creating and servicing premier MMORPG experiences. Development of TERA will continue alongside the studio’s upcoming flagship title, Elyon (formerly known as Ascent: Infinite Realm).”

At this point, while the companies haven’t specifically announced who’s picking up TERA PC in the west but has previously said Krafton will handle console, we’re left to assume Bluehole will in fact be doing all of it.

As part of this new structure, Bluehole is making adjustments to how TERA Console’s cash shop and elite status work. Players’ En Masse Points will be converted into TERA Coin at a 1:1 ratio, and the benefits from each tier of subscription are now spelled out so that you can make the best purchasing decision.

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Had no idea Ascent even had a new name lol


So I guess this is a good thing?


As happy a result for TERA players as could be imagined.


Meaning all the Founder’s arrangement with my TERA account will likely still be honored PC side?


More likely now than in the feared Gamigo option…


Let me see if I understand this..

Bluehole Studios had some success with TERA, spent a bunch of money opening/buying studios, then had the massive success with PUBG, after fully acquiring the studio that started it.

To better manage these studios with different games and different goals, they created Krafton, a management corporation that all studios would sit under, but didn’t actually change the structure that was already in place.

Now they have decided to change the responsibilities of Bluehole Studios to be only focused on its MMORPGs. And presumably, the global publishing of the MMOs as well, though that still isn’t entirely clear, given that the console version might be handled directly by Krafton and Gameforge operates TERA in Europe.


At this point I have no idea what’s going on. Other than that I’m now glad that I canceled the subscription to TERRA a while ago, and glad that I didn’t have any outstanding cash shop balance. Because I feel like any money spent there is likely to go poof with even less to show for it than normal from an in-game store.