MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: LiteBringer, SamuTale, IcarusM, Stellar Warfare, Primordials of Amyrion, A3, Raid Shadow Legends, Second Extinction


Welcome back to another roundup of MMOs and MMO-adjacent games you’ve probably never heard of (or have entirely forgotten about).

LiteBringer: Tibia fans who aren’t opposed to BitCoin titles might want to take a peek at LiteBringer, a CipSoft MMO with a Tibia-development pedigree. This online RPG’s built with an “unapologetic” (their word) use of Litecoin blockchain. “If running an MMORPG for more than 20 years has taught us anything, it’s this: It’s the players who make any online game work,” the game’s announcement says. “That’s why giving all the power to the players with LiteBringer feels so thrilling.” (Cheers, Serhaza!)

SamuTale: Sandbox MMO SamuTale (shown in the header up top) is celebrating – wait for it – four years of early access, and it’s decided to cap that off by giving everyone a month of free play through October 15th. (Cheers, Royall!)

Icarus M: Valofe has formally launched Icarus M’s global edition this week; it’s the mobile version of Riders of Icarus, landing on both Android and iOS. Valofe is touting the title’s mount taming and combat in particular.

Stellar Warfare: Multiplayer online space RTS Stellar Warfare officially released into closed alpha last month; the indie dev behind it says it’s “fully playable” and just needs more playtesting, optimization, and bug fixing. (Thanks, Sconc!)

Primordials of Amyrion: This one’s definitely not an MMO, but it does offer very small-scale PvP, and it’s just launched into early access on Steam.

A3 Still Alive: MMO Culture reports that Netmarble’s mobile MMO A3 Still Alive is… still alive, although Google is confusingly translating it as A3 Steel Alive. Apparently it’s based on an older MMORPG called – you guessed it – A3, though this version’s more of a PvE and PvP battle royale title for MOBA.

Raid Shadow Legends: RSL is another new entry to our MMOs you’ve never heard of list; it’s a free-to-play online title that runs on both mobile.¬†According to its website, it boasts a team collection mechanic, boss battles, a PvP arena, strategic play, a PvE campaign, autoplay, and a personal fortress.

Second Extinction: Finally, if ARK’s dinos weren’t doing it for you, take a peek at Second Extinction, an online FPS that pits you against these massive critters. It’s currently in early access but expected to launch next month.

Spot another MMO we’ve never (or only barely) covered? Drop us a note!

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