Voxelbox MMO Elteria Adventures provides a roadmap of its next four ‘mega patches’


Elteria Adventures, the cutesy voxelbox MMO of “creative freedom,” has offered up a look ahead to its next major content updates, aka mega patches, each bringing new areas, items, and more for players to explore.

  • The first patch, Faldaren Renewed, introduces a new tutorial chapter and a refreshed first story chapter, as well as hammer, scythe, and guitar weapons, new head customization options, the beta version of the Slime Sumo game mode, and a rework of the Architect Calling.
  • Next up is Trick or Treat, which adds the advanced Trickster Calling, an update to the second chapter’s story, upgraded social mechanics, improvements to the building interface, and a rework of the Demolisher Calling.
  • After that there’s Tactical Umbrella, bringing an updated Fighter Calling, the ability for players to trade and auction items, the addition of random events to Wild Areas, and the new Umbrella weapon.
  • Finally, there’s To the Moon, which introduces the moon biome and lunar-themed buildings and equipment, a new fourth story chapter, new in-game events and parkour, and Magitech Firearms.

For those who don’t remember, Elteria Adventures first came to our notice in May with promise of exploration of floating islands, fully destructible environments, a voxel-based building system, and cute-sounding threats like Crystal Llamas and Boarmelons. The game offered up an open access event that kicked off in June and has since entered a closed alpha state, but allowed those who played the game during open access to keep playing and even keep their progress. As of right now, the game can be wishlisted on Steam, while access to closed alpha is available by request.

source: Steam
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