Blizzard outlines World of Warcraft Shadowlands prepatch changes, announces BlizzConline for February 2021

As always, the date is "soon"

Zeno's prepatch.

The one thing that basically everyone playing World of Warcraft wants to know right now is when the prepatch for Shadowlands will arrive. Thus, it makes perfect sense that the latest update from Blizzard is lacking exactly that information. Instead, players will just have to guess that “soon” means “next week or the week after,” since most of the information is focused on what will actually change with the prepatch rather than giving an actual date.

Players can rest assured that “soon” in this case will be slightly sooner than the promised BlizzConline event happening in February of 2021, which has just been announced. Clearly, there’s a lot of planning still being done on Blizzard’s end, but they’re already planning ways to keep the community spotlight of the event active with cosplay competitions and art showcases. If you’ve been keenly feeling the lack of a proper BlizzCon this year… well, the online event isn’t that far away, right?


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Danny Smith


Someone considered that, maybe doubted it and powered through, and put that forwards for serious consideration and it got greenlit.


Feb 2021 will probably the perfect time to get into Shadowlands so I’m looking forward to that. D4 release date will probably be announced, too, or we will see more of it, at least.

maydrock .

Well now we know when TBC will be announced.


BlizzConline is a cursed name. Just call it BlizzCon, it’s fine. lol


So bad.

Jaymes Buckman

Love it.