Conan Exiles adds a bunch of new servers for Asia and Europe to meet Isle of Siptah demand

Conan Exiles adds a bunch of new servers for Asia and Europe to meet Isle of Siptah demand

Even though the Isle of Siptah expansion is only in early access, and for only about a week at that, it’s still garnering a whole lot of interest from players of the survival sandbox, especially in Asia and Europe. As a result of this interest, Funcom has announced that several new servers are opening for both regions: five for Asia and six for Europe, with one additional Exiled Lands server opening in Asia as well.

This is the second such time that the devs have had to ramp up server counts to meet Siptah demands. This past Wednesday, the devs had to add more servers for EU, US, and Oceanic players in order to accommodate more early adopters of the expansion. And while server counts are likely going to constrict as early access rolls on, it’s perhaps heartening for fans to see that there’s a whole lot of interest.

If you happen to be among those interested in the latest Conan Exiles content, make sure to check out our early impressions and check out the latest OPTV broadcast.

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Hikari Kenzaki

There is so much good about this expansion. There are a few quibbles here and there, but for the most part, it’s great.

I’ve been playing for 4-12 hours per day since launch. There’s new mechanics, new dungeons, new lore, new easter eggs, and a bunch more. And it’s clear that several things still need to be added in. Certain interactable types that likely need to be added last.

It’s $20 and I’ve easily gotten that much out of it. As MJ’s article said, two cosmetic build sets and 3 cosmetic armor sets is what you would get in one and a half DLCs, so all the expansion content ends up being $5 if you normally buy all the DLC (I do).

Even if you don’t normally buy DLC, you’re easily getting $20 worth of game here.