Path of Exile’s first week of Heist content went pretty well

Path of Exile’s first week of Heist content went pretty well

The first week of running away like you stole something in Path of Exile has gone pretty well! It turns out that the Heist launch was largely successful, with just a couple of minor hotfix patches along the way. Console players will thus be happy to know that the update is arriving on September 23rd for consoles, complete with several more bug fixes that are also being rolled out to the PC version including damage reduction, pathing corrections, and skills not working quite as intended.

Players are also reminded that the game has a trailer for the newest lockbox on offer from the studio; there’s also a rundown of the actors involved in the new voice acting in case you wanted to refer to the cast by name instead of just by role. So be ready for more bug fixes, and keep your eyes peeled as the heist-related antics roll onward. You can even watch along if you’d rather as our own MJ has already gone through one round of Heist antics with another planned for tonight.

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It’s alright.

Lotta complexity in the Heist mechanic over all, understanding all the benefits and bonuses as well as map type. Like some maps you’re going to just have to kill lots of guards. Others you won’t. Learning all that and which Specialist to bring along as well as what equipment to give them is all pretty deep. I wouldn’t stress all this too early on as you’ll be spending a lot of time leveling them up initially into their rank 4-5 of their main skills.

Enjoy that the rest of the game isn’t inundated with additional mechanics as well. Find a stash, loot a stash. Kill things like normal, league mechanics drop. That’s it. Pretty nice.

Few weeks should be pretty good, right now there’s a lot of burst damage coming from Heists so more fragile builds/players are struggling. As a Beeftain I’ve had no issues.

Bryan Correll

Enjoy that the rest of the game isn’t inundated with additional mechanics as well. Find a stash, loot a stash. Kill things like normal, league mechanics drop. That’s it. Pretty nice.

I agree that this is a big plus. Too often league mechanics break the regular flow of the game. I like being able to set the league stuff aside for a bit and and then spending some time just doing league content once I have it stocked up.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

I’m waiting for week 2 patch before getting into this. Either I’m burned out on PoE, it’s become way too complex for casual enjoyment, or I’m enjoying House Flipper Gardens a lot more than whacking the exact same mobs on the exact same maps for 20th time.


Except for this launch being the most buggy release I can remember in poe’s history it went really well.
Luckily the league mechanic is probably one of the best they’ve ever done. Needs a lot of bug fixing and a few mechanics changes and this will be a sure winner.
If you’re considering playing this league, but haven’t jumped in yet: wait a week or so.

David Goodman

Eh, here’s a long post. TL;DR at the bottom.

I like the idea of the Heist league. I like the look and layout of it, and the feel of it. The actual implementation, though? It’s… underwhelming.

There’s no actual stealth mechanics that I have been able to find in this game. The aggro radius of mobs is limited in heists, which helps, but it’s not like you can actually sneak around. You will get aggro.

What this ends up doing is that you’re really discouraged from fighting, but in a bad way: Aggro everything, run up to the door, tell your NPC to unlock the door, smash and grab the loot you while blink/leaping over groups of enemies and never killing them – through the entire mission.

Even in missions and with NPCs that reduce the alert level, the alert you get from killing enemies in missions basically means that the best and most effective way to do these is to ignore them while they they’re all throwing constant particle effects at you.

I can’t imagine how much hell this would be for someone who wants to play a summoner-type character :/

Also, to the best of my knowledge in the heists i’ve run so far, when you get to the end-point, the relic, taking it will *always* max out your alert meter and lead to a mad dash out of the zone, regardless of what you’ve done or didn’t do during the mission.

Based on the trailer, I was expecting (attempted) stealth and avoidance to play a greater factor in the heists. That “messing up” by setting off the alarm as happened in the trailer would be a MISTAKE of some kind you made, and not just the default state of every heist.

I was also expecting that the NPCs would perform different functions. However, it’s always a different animation of the same thing: Pick lock: Click on door, dude picks lock of door. Brute force: Click on door, dude breaks down door. Engineering: Click on door, dude uses blowtorch (wat) to … open door. Everything is just a varient of “here’s how you open a door” or “here’s how *I* like to pick the lock of this special chest”

So i’m disappointed that the different types of NPCs don’t offer different playstyles through the heists as well.

Maybe the grand heists are different ; I haven’t done one of those yet, so i’m really hoping they are.

it is a good way to get gear though, i’m enjoying it for that, it just really wasn’t what I was expecting it to be. It’s less of a “heist” and more of a “let’s just loot this place like you do in every other zone, but with a meter that fills up.”

TL;DR: Just kidding.