Aion invites players to celebrate its 11-year anniversary through October

I was young once

Oh no. Oh no.

Hold on a moment. Eleven years of Aion? That can’t be right, it was new when I started working in this field, it can’t have been… oh. Oh no. Oh no. It is right, the game has been running for 11 years in North America. My life. What happened to my life?

Um. Right. Anniversary event. You can do stuff in it. Dream World, for example, where you can take part in various fun minigames and spend 11th anniversary coins for a variety of fun rewards like transformation potions or contracts, bundles of helpful items, and enchantment stones. And maybe you can suddenly realize the game has been running for more than a decade.

The event also brings back Daeva Rangers for a special sentai-style dungeon and the ever-popular Shugo Sweep, with the former offering Event Coins and the latter providing items directly. And it has been 11 years. Eleven years of Aion. Happy birthday, some of us need to go lie down and think. The events run through through October 14th, except for Shugo Sweep, which ends on September 30th. Eleven years!


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