EverQuest II kicks off a prelude event for its next expansion and brings back Days of Summer for subscribers


Yup, EverQuest II is going to be expanding once again, and while players aren’t getting a lot of details about this expansion yet, there is going to be some preparation to do in-game with a Haven Bound prelude event.

Players are being asked to help the Luclinites reclaim the ancient city of Fordel Midst in the heart of the moon via five repeatable tradeskill quests, five repeatable Overseer quests, and a new adventure quest. Taking part in this event will let players purchase a stock of 23 new items, including two new mounts, from an event vendor. As for that new EQII expansion, the devs promise to share more details soon™.

That’s not all that’s happening in Norrath, however. There’s the return of the Days of Summer event (despite it being mid-September) that lets All Access members earn account rewards by completing Mei Lan’s weekly quests, while all players can take advantage of reduced instance lockout timers from now until October 5th.

sources: official site (1, 2), official forums

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