League of Legends introduces Samira the Desert Rose to the roster

League of Legends introduces Samira the Desert Rose to the roster

If you think a bit of Dante from Devil May Cry is missing in your MOBA, then you might want to consider offering a look at Samira, the latest champion added to League of Legends. Especially if you’re the kind of player who likes to rack up combos.

As we outlined before when she quietly arrived to the test environment, Samira’s primary hook is her Daredevil Impulse passive that increases a Style grade by one letter (from E to S) whenever non-repeating abilities and basic attacks are chained together, granting her bonus movement speed and range with each earned rank. Additionally, Samira has ranged and melee attacks, and can juggle enemies that are movement-impaired, increasing their displacement (and looking good while doing it, naturally).

Along with the new roster addition, the latest update has applied some bug fixes for some Champions, made a number of adjustments to the roster, and put Series 1 and Starter Series passes on sale. All of the specifics are in the linked notes, while a breakdown of Samira’s abilities can be found here and a video of her in action is below.

sources: press release, official site

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Yeah they weren’t even trying to hide the fact that the champion is literally Dante in a different body. Soloqueue is going to be extra toxic for awhile.