Legends of Aria looks back at the summer PvP arena season and notes adjustments due for next season

Dig dig dig dig dig.

The PvP arena is nearly closed for the summer in Legends of Aria, and so it’s time to take stock of how things went for the inaugural season. A post on the game’s website does just that, outlining the winners for the 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 arena brackets and sharing an infographic that outlines the number of arena matches played on both Crimson Sea and Ethereal Moon servers; all told, 1v1 matches were by far the most popular, with most players’ ELO falling into the 900s.

As for what’s being changed in season two, the devs note that the arena brought to light some issues with mage survivability, visibility of player rankings, and the length of the season itself, all of which are things that the devs promise will be addressed in the future. As for the current season, that will wrap up on October 9th, while the fall season starts on October 16th and runs until December 18th.


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Gotta have players to have PvP.


Krista Allen

I think that thumbnail showed the entirety of its player base.