Shroud of the Avatar offers a sneak peek at a new adventure scene and crafting station surface decorations


It’s been a couple of weeks since we looked at the newsletter updates from Shroud of the Avatar, so allow us to bundle up the past couple of highlights from the past couple of Avatar’s Update missives.

First up, we’ve got a new adventure scene offered to Episode 2 Access owners called The Well of Aldur, which promises to offer “a variety of activities to challenge even the most stalwart of Avatars.” Among these challenges is a jump puzzle with promise of a reward waiting at the end, with more objectives due to arrive as the scene develops.

Next, crafters will get to pretty up their favorite crafting stations with some new surface decoration options. This new customization feature is applied to a wide variety of crafting stations from various tradeskills and will be available with Release 82. Just in case you wanted to plonk a crown on the work surface of your favorite station.

source: official site (1, 2)

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“…a jump puzzle with promise of a reward waiting at the end…”

Everyone’s favorite part of Ultima 8.

Reginald Bottomsworth
Reginald Bottomsworth

This will definitely save the game.