Hellgate: London’s rogue server schedules its beta for Halloween


In terms of online video game resurrections, Hellgate: London seemed like it was going for the world record at one point. The infamous Flagship ARPG has seen more deaths and comebacks than your average superhero — and there’s at least one more to come, thanks to a group of player volunteers who are attempting to get a rogue server going.

The London 2038 project is making headway toward getting a working, functional version of Hellgate back online. The good news is that the team said that the beta will launch on — when else? — Halloween. You should note that to be part of this upcoming beta, you’ll need an actual copy of the defunct game.

“All of the 2038 team missed the amazing, ahead-of-its time ARPG Hellgate: London and wanted to bring it back to the passionate, dedicated, and friendly community the game has fostered after all these years,” the team said on the project’s website.

Find out more about London 2038 with its FAQ, install guide, and Discord channel.

Source: Twitter
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