Lord of the Rings Online begins testing War of the Three Peaks DLC, and yes, boar mounts are high-price bundle perks


The big fall update for Lord of the Rings Online — newly promoted to “mini-expansion” status with an accompanied price tag — is now on the Bullroarer test server for players to evaluate.

This initial preview for War of the Three Peaks is only available until this Thursday and includes several changes to the Guardian class, a virtue cap bump to 72, and faster load times. The new epic storyline won’t be available — at least right now.

Some players immediately took concern over a note that disenchanting embers from certain instances were going to be halved come the patch. Addressing this, LOTRO’s CM said, “One of the main drivers for this adjustment is that the sources for this armour and jewellery have increased. In addition to War of Three Peaks instances, the upcoming raid will have separate chests for Tiers 4 and 5, which will be released a short while after War of Three Peaks.”

Player Laurelinarien tweeted out some pictures of the new outfits and mounts from the DLC, confirming our earlier hunch that boar mounts are coming to the pricier editions only:

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