Torchlight III has pushed out gifts for alpha testers, even if you tested Torchlight Frontiers

We’re inching close to Torchlight III’s inevitable launch announcement here, but in the meantime, PWE and Ectra Games have been patching up the beta. The latest patch follows up on last week’s mainline update, chiefly fixing bugs.

“A quick hotfix this morning to address a few bugs that went out with the “Update for Dummies” patch last Tuesday. This should alleviate a few of the critical issues that players have been reporting, but we are still in the process of reviewing incoming bugs and feedback for the next upcoming update.”

Meanwhile, if you tested the game during alpha – or back when it was still an MMO named Torchlight Frontiers (RIP), make sure you check your email because Echtra and PWE are sending ’round participation rewards. Mine showed up as a Steam key email on Monday, offering an adorable pupper pet, banner, and multiple hero statues.

Source: Patch notes
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